The price tag of contemporary art is just the beginning of what it will cost you

The Art Preservation Index wants collectors to know that much art today is made from materials that will deteriorate fast

Why should collectors get all the breaks?

Artists seek similar tax incentives for donating works to museums and auctions

Koons at cutting edge with giant stone mills

Artist ramps up production at Pennsylvania workshop where monumental works are carved

Escape from New York

Ongoing gentrification of the city is forcing artists to flee in search of cheap studio space



Artists take the market into their own hands

Tactics include printing extra works and rock-bottom sales

US could stop artists using drones

New regulations may restrict the use of surveillance technology in their work

'Poor door’
opens to let
in the new

Galleries are reaching out to a wider market

When is nude too rude?

Growth in “revenge porn” legislation could criminalise artists who use naked images

Young artists under pressure
to pay for publicity

Even some bloggers now ask galleries and artists for cash or art

Too hot to handle

Scientists team with artists to urge museums to drop sponsors who deny man-made climate change

Art truck to deliver free materials to New York classrooms

The non-profit groups Artery and Mister Artsee bring art kits to thousands of pre-kindergarten children

Arts groups urge fast broadband for all as online plans threaten access

Proposed “two-tier” internet could leave artists with inadequate technology, while wealthy content providers get super-fast connections

Artists’ pension trust starts to sell

As one of the world’s largest art funds starts to sell its collection, some worry about the effect on the market and artists’ careers 

Ai Weiwei plans escape to Alcatraz

The Chinese dissident artist is proposing to stage his next major exhibition on Alcatraz Island, home of the former high-security prison  

New Tech, New Art 

Technology companies in Silicon Valley are taking an unusual approach to art investment

Is 90 the new 20?

At Frieze New York, dealers are displaying work by older artists, many of whom are gaining commercial and critical recognition for the first time.

Percent for Art schemes fail to deliver

Cities across the US are neglecting to enforce a law that requires property developers to help fund public art

Are art fairs good business?

A proliferation of fairs, spiralling costs, yet dealers are keener than ever to participate

Swap art to save on taxes

Collectors are making use of “like-kind” exchanges, but the US government wants to clamp down

Nigeria: The next big thing?

As the oil-rich country’s economy begins to boom, its art is attracting increased interest across the US